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  • Master Plumbing Bond Minneapolis, MNOnly $219 for two full years!
  • Mechanical Contractor Bond Plymouth, MNOnly $219 for two full years!
  • Janitorial Bond Lakeville, MNOnly $100 for one year!
  • Bid Bond Brooklyn Park, MNOnly $1,000!
  • Performance Bond St. Paul, MNOnly $12,445!
  • License Bond St. Cloud, MNOnly $125 for one year!
  • Performance Bond Eagan, MNOnly $6,450!
  • Payment Bond Coon Rapids, MNOnly $5,021 for one year!
  • Electrical Contractor Rochester, MNOnly $219 for two full years!
  • Performance Bond Lakeville, MNOnly $6,152!

What is a Surety Bond?

Well let’s start out with what a bond is. A bond is like a loan from a bank. Money is set aside to fulfill a contract, promise or obligations. If the bond is used, the money must be paid back. The cost of the bond is like interest for setting the money aside, for their services and the risk of it not being repaid. A surety bond is simply an agreement between three people. A principle (that would be you), the bonding company (a surety / the insurance company) and the obligee (entity requiring the bond). Generally speaking, surety bonds will protect the obligee from fraud, abuse and penalties.

Bonds are very common in the construction industry. An example would be a contractor is hired to do complete a job per a contract. If they don’t, then the bonding company pays to complete the job and cover any damages, penalties or other associated costs.