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You may make every effort within your means while recruiting your employees to ensure that you have a team of trustworthy and dependable personnel. However, you still can’t be absolutely sure and someone in the team you had believed to be dependable commits the heinous act of stealing sensitive material from your clients. The reputation you had built so painstakingly over the years could evaporate in minutes.

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This is where a business service bond comes into the picture. A surety bond offers you, the customer, protection in the event of any employee of yours stealing any material owned by your client from his premises or outside. The surety bond ensures that you’re able to pay for any loss equal to its face value. Business service surety bonds are recommended especially for those business owners who have employed people handling a lot of cash or other assets of high value.

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Types of Businesses that Need This Bond

The businesses that have the most pressing need of this type of bonds are-

  • Moving companies
  • Janitorial services
  • Subcontractors
  • Cleaning services
  • Exterminators
  • In-home care services

When you get a business service surety bond, apart from reassuring your customers, it helps improve the brand image of your business and helps it stand out in the competition.

It’s quite unnerving having a stranger working inside the house. Obtaining a business service bond helps calm tensions and uncertainty that your clients may feel when your employee works inside their home or premises. It helps bridge the trust deficit. When customers realize that they can file claims for any loss that they may suffer, they feel relaxed.

What Is the Cost of a Business Service Bond?

The amount needed for coverage may vary depending on the industry type and the employee count. That said, business service bonds haven’t been made a mandatory requirement at either the state or federal level. Obtaining such a bond is entirely the owner’s discretion.

A minimum bond amount is outlined on some occasions when a contract involves commercial businesses.

Where Can I Get the Bond?

You can easily get the bond from us after going through some procedural formalities. You shall have to submit an application form and some information about your business. This is followed by our underwriters evaluating your credentials like the history of your business, your credit rating, the financial condition of your business, etc.

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Business Services Bond

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