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A type of business bond, a janitorial service surety bond is meant for companies engaged in residential or commercial cleaning. This type of bond and insurance for cleaning businesses keeps customers protected from any losses they may incur that are caused due to any thefts committed by any employees while they are cleaning within certain premises. Housekeepers, residential cleaning companies, and maids also referred to as janitorial services businesses are the ones that usually purchase janitorial bond insurance for cleaning business.

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How Janitorial Bond Protects My Business

Janitorial insurance and bonding are different. An insurance policy protects your business. On the other hand, protects the customers if any employee of a cleaning company steals any of the client’s belongings on the job. As a result, customers feel reassured since they feel that the company they have picked for the job is a reliable and genuine one. Your janitorial service bond may therefore be an effective marketing tool that helps you win over customers making them feel confident about your reliability and trustworthiness. It helps build your brand image.

Start-ups that have been launched recently can reap certain benefits as well. As a new business, it may not yet have accumulated enough wealth. Bearing the loss of a theft of any item of high monetary value may well be beyond its means. Janitorial bond insurance ensures that the start-up doesn’t fail by reimbursing the loss it suffers because of the theft.

How Much Do Janitorial Bonds Cost?

Janitorial service bond in MNHow many employees need to be covered by the bond and the bond amount decides the bond premium, or in other words, the cost of the cleaning business insurance. Companies with 5 employees or less shall have to pay $125/year for coverage of $10,000, $175/year for $25,000 coverage, $250/year for $50,000 or $350/year for $100,000. The rates keep increasing with rising in the number of employees to be covered.

Learn More About Housekeeper Surety Bonds

How does license and bonding for cleaning business help? Being involved in cleaning residential or commercial spaces, you enter them regularly. We know you trust your employees. However, unfortunately, should anything go missing, the blame in all likelihood is to fall on your employees since they are vulnerable targets. Obtaining a janitorial service bond reassures your customers about your credibility as a professional. It helps overcome the trust deficit.

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