Minnesota Lost Title Bond

What are Lost Instrument Bonds, Lost Title Bonds, and Defective Title Bonds?

Lost Title Bonds, Lost Instrument Bonds, and Defective Title in Minnesota are all the same thing.  This is a document that establishes who owns a car or vehicle.  When a vehicle(s) title is misplaced or lost, it creates a problem selling it.  You cannot sell a car in Minnesota without a title unless you purchase this lost title bond.  The Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles takes a risk in granting a replacement title. Some people can falsely claim to own a vehicle.  By providing a financial guarantee in case someone else proves they are the owner of the vehicle, the DMV is relieved of some responsibility and feels better about issuing a replacement title.  Also, please realize that a bond a like a loan from a bank and must be repaid.


How do I replace a lost title to my car in Minnesota?

It’s maybe as simple as filing for a duplicate title.  It’s a one-page application on Minnesota’s DMV’s website if proof of ownership can be established.  This means the DMV has an ownership record, then you can submit the request with a complete chain of ownership. If the DMV doesn’t have the record you can’t do the above and the vehicle is over 6 years old, you must do the defective title bond process.

Minnesota’s Defective Title Bond Process

  • Complete the PS2000 form applying to title and register a motor vehicle.
  • The bill of sale – If the seller signed section C of the PS2000, or has signed a bill of sale that indicates the vehicles, year, make, and vehicle identification number (VIN), plus lists the date of sale and the purchaser’s name.
  • Pay any necessary fees (sales tax, title, and registration fees)
  • The statement of facts for PS2002 – This written statement is signed by the seller of the vehicle and must give as much history as possible about the vehicle’s history. It must have the vehicle’s complete description, year, make, model & VIN. It must also indicate when the vehicle was acquired and why there is no proof of ownership.
  • The buyer must also sign a statement of protection.  “I agree to defend and protect the State of Minnesota against any and all future claims of ownership which may arise after I am issued a Minnesota title and registration card.”
  • Photographs must also be submitted showing all sides of the vehicle and a clear picture of the VIN plate. For motorcycles, pictures are also required of both sides, plus a picture VIN or the federal safety sticker. Digital photos are preferred.  Trailers under 6,000 don’t require a picture, but a picture of the VIN plate should be sent in.  Pictures assist and calculating a value in case a bond is required.
  • The registration – Most of the time the deputy registers will process the registration. However, vehicles that do not have a VIN might not receive plates.
  • Surety Bond – The DMV might require a surety bond to protect the State from other claims of ownership. The applicant will be notified after the application is sent if they need a bond and/or if the vehicle needs to be inspected. A title with the word “bond” is a negotiable (transferable) title.
  • If you receive a notification that you need a surety bond, just call us (952-469-0425) with the bond amount listed in the top right corner of the form. We can then give you an immediate quote and get the simple bonding process going to you.  The bond amount is 1.5 times the value of the vehicle.  Don’t worry the bonds are not expensive.  They start at $155 for the two years required by the state of Minnesota.


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Lost title bond near me

We can answer all your questions by simply calling us at  952-469-0425 or completing our quick quote form.

Let us take the confusion out of this process for you.  Because the bond form you receive from the state must be notarized by us, you are welcome to set up an in-person appointment.  The other option is to simply US mail it to us.  We will process your lost title bond immediately and return the completed form to you the very same day.

Lost Title Bond

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