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This $25,000 plumbing bond (the surety bond) is a requirement by The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI). It acts as a means of protecting consumers from plumbers who deviate from the rules and regulations stipulated. Your Master Plumbing Contractor License application packet comes with a copy of this bond. We have this Minnesota plumbing bond in our computer system for easy completion.

Master plumber bond in MN

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There may be instances when the work done doesn’t comply with the plumbing code. This is where the Plumbing Bond MN /Pipe Fitter Bond MN comes into the picture. This bond protects consumers when the work is faulty. A Minnesota plumber/pipe fitter may be found to have used fraudulent practices. A consumer can file a claim on the bond amount to get the faulty work corrected.

The surety company (bonding company) shall have to reimburse the concerned client up to the bond amount of $25,000 if the plumbing contractor is found to have failed to complete a contract, failed to perform the work in compliance with the state regulations, or when there’s a complaint filed against him with the board. After reimbursement of the damages by the surety, it shall seek repayment from the Principal bondholder. The bond acts as a guarantee seeking to ensure that Master Plumber understands all the rules, regulations, and laws as stipulated by the municipality, City of Minneapolis, and the Minnesota Board of Master Plumbers and agrees to adhere to them.

To start with, let’s have some basic information about your company so we can proceed with your new Bond and Insurance.  Feel free to reach out to us at 952-469-0425 or complete our short form. We promise to make the process of purchasing a plumbing bond in Minnesota easy and affordable. Pricing is as low as $219.00 for two years.

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Plumbing Bond FAQs

Does Minnesota require contractors to be bonded?

Numerous licensed trades in Minnesota need to be bonded.  Contractors such as plumbing, HVAC, electricians, roofing, etc.

How much does it cost to get bonded in Minnesota?

Cost can vary depending on the type of contractor you are, the type of bond, and the amount and duration of the bond. Credit can also enter the picture on bonds over $25,000. License bonds for plumbing in Minnesota are $219 for two years.  The bonds expire on the license renewal date.  So, if you are just getting your license in the middle of the license period, the cost can be lower as it needs to line up with the license date.

What does it mean to be bonded in Minnesota?

A bond is like a loan from a bank, it must be repaid if used. A bond is a specific amount of money basically set aside if needed.  With plumbing bonds, they are required by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to protect the public.

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Master Plumber Bond

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